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MDM: MobileIron Vs Good Technology

Most of us working in Information Security understand today’s requirement to secure our users’ mobile devices. Why would any enterprise allow it’s most valuable asset (it’s confidential corporate data) to reside on the most stealable devices (tablets, smartphones) without enabling at least the basic security like PIN enforcement, encryption and the ability to locate and wipe if necessary? Sounds obvious right?

I’ve been working with MobileIron for Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions over the last year or so to implement (mostly) enterprise “bring you own device” (BYOD) strategies,

I was recently given a demonstration of the Good Technologies MDM product at the ITWeb Security Summet. Importantly there is a major difference in the way it works in comparison to MobileIron. Good Technology requires that usage of protected information (mail, docs etc) is done from within their mobile app. This means to read your corporate email, rather than going to your native email application on your device, you have to launch the Good App and work within it. From what I see, their claim is that this provides a sandboxed container to secure all the protected information and enable easier management for wiping etc.

MobileIron has a mobile app which manages the connection to the server. When a device a registers with the server a profile is installed which manages security. This means that users use their native OS apps. People tend to buy an iPhone because they like using IOS and Apple devices. Same is usually true of users of other devices. My view is it’s important if people are to be encouraged to “bring your own device” that they are empowered to maintain that native user experience. Otherwise they start looking for ways to avoid using the app by putting docs in Dropbox or forwarding to Gmail.

If you’re looking for some validation of this, just look at the reviews on the Apple AppStore:

Strange also that Good Technology does not support RIM BlackBerry. I know it’s dying but surely the user base is large enough?

The 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software can be viewed here.